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Automotive Sensors Panel Wrap Up – Sensors Expo & Conference 2017

By Fabien Chraim, Engineering

Fabien crime- panelist- sensors expo

Seated L to R:, Shantanu Jha – xCube Communication, Fabien Chraim – Civil Maps, Josh Hartung – Polysync Technologies Dave Tokic – Algolux


I had the pleasure of presenting and serving as a panelist at the Sensors Expo & Conference in San Jose last month. The core theme of my presentation was about providing Cognition for self-driving cars, one of our key objectives here at Civil Maps. To execute the driving task, autonomous vehicles need to quickly and efficiently sense and analyze their environments to make real-time decisions and ensure a smooth, safe ride. My brief talk centered on how we approach this through sensor fusion, HD Semantic Maps, localization in 6 DoF (six degrees of freedom), and synthetic training.

After the overview, I joined the Automotive and Autonomous Vehicle Sensors panel moderated by Will Tu of DSP Concepts and sat with executives from Polysync Technologies, Algolux, and xCube Communications. Collectively, we examined sensing technologies, the complexities of software design, and how each company enables autonomous vehicles. Given the panel theme, most of my comments were about Civil Maps’ unique way of employing sensor fusion. (For those needing an introduction to sensor fusion, we held a webinar on the topic in June). As I mentioned at the event, Civil Maps employs a data-driven approach where variable sensor configurations can be tested in a computer simulation. These tests enable us to evaluate sensor performance in a wide variety of scenarios.

Overall, the Sensors Expo & Conference was a great experience. I hope it comes back to the San Francisco Bay Area next year. If we were unable to connect at the show, please reach out: