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Next Stops: Auto Tech R&D, Image Sensors Auto, Auto Interior Expo & Auto Testing Expo ’17

By Jane Litvinenko, Marketing Operations

Civil Maps is thrilled to announce several upcoming speaking events in October 2017. Two of the company’s founders, Sravan Puttagunta and Scott Harvey, will be participating in the autonomous vehicle (AV) talks on connected services, sensor fusion, localization in 6D, scalability, AV interior design, and simulation testing. If you share our goal of building the next generation of automotive technology, staying up to date on OEM strategies and on ancillary companies — let’s connect. Here are more details:

Auto Tech R&D Summit USA — Oct. 9th-10th (San Jose, CA)

  • Speaker: Sravan Puttagunta (CEO)
  • Panel Topic: 5G — The Enabler for a New Era of Connected Services

Synopsis: As more and more vehicles become connected and we move toward higher levels of automation, can the current connectivity infrastructure cope? Is 5G going to meet bandwidth needs? Panelists will seek to answer these questions, drilling down on several points:

  • Exploring the impact that 5G Vehicle-to-X (V2X) will have on traffic efficiency as it makes commuting safer and less time-consuming through the identification of alternative routes and parking to assist in the reduction of congestion.
  • Collaborate with governing bodies to put auto at the heart of 5G development and standards to avoid being sidelined.
  • Discovering the applications of V2X Roadmap through its deployment phases, from “awareness” to “sensing” to “cooperative” to “synchronized cooperative driving.

Image Sensors Auto Americas 2017 — Oct. 10th-11th (San Francisco, CA)

  • Speaker: Sravan Puttagunta (CEO)
  • Topic: A Scalable Approach To Providing Cognition For Self-driving Cars

Synopsis: Extracting context from the vehicle’s environment is one of the major challenges to achieving autonomous driving. While this can be accomplished under tightly controlled conditions today, scalable solutions are not yet deployed. In this talk, we explore the crucial role of HD Semantic Maps in efficiently providing cognition to autonomous vehicles. Civil Maps looks at innovations in marrying the HD map space (long-term memory) with the sensor space (sensor memory), and how to approach this through advanced localization in six degrees of freedom (6DoF), machine vision, and smart compression technology.

AV Test & Development Symposium 2017 — Oct. 26th (Novi, MI)

  • Speaker: Scott Harvey (Senior Researcher)
  • Panel Topic: Autonomous Testing In Virtual Streets

Synopsis: Testing autonomous vehicles are both resource- and time-intensive. Driverless vehicles must be prepared to travel in different environments, weather conditions, and with an infinite combination of sensor technologies. Civil Maps, the Ford-funded cognition systems provider for autonomous vehicles, has created a solution for testing autonomous cars in a virtual environment. Its Synthetics platform is a software offering that trains driverless cars in simulated, procedurally generated worlds.

AV Interior Design & Tech Symposium 2017 — Oct. 25th (Novi, MI)

  • Speaker: Sravan Puttagunta (CEO)
  • Topic: Building Rider Confidence Through Vehicle Cognition And AR

Synopsis: This session looks at the key challenge of earning rider trust in autonomous transportation, and how technology can address this issue. While developers work to build self-driving cars, the need for designing this experience according to a rider-centric model is essential. At every point in a trip, passengers will need continuous confirmation about the car’s intentions and what it perceives in its surroundings. The natural desire for control also means that passengers will require interaction tools to ensure safety and reduce worry, especially during the critical early-adoption phases.

If you’re planning to attend any of the conferences, and would like to schedule a private meeting with Sravan Puttagunta or Scott Harvey to discuss how we can accelerate your AV project, please reach out to