Civil Maps

The only scalable High Definition Mapping and Localization solution

HD Mapping

Our highly scalable, patented and automated technology enables the delivery of HD Maps at city scale

  • 15 cm – 20 cm absolute accuracy
  • 1 cm – 5 cm relative accuracy

San Francisco



United States

San Francisco






Civil Maps brings a unique, robust approach to real-time localization and navigation with our lightweight Fingerprint Base Map™.

This video was recorded live in San Francisco. Over 25 mins of continuous footage in dense, urban environment. Read more about our robust, lightweight localization product on our Company Blog.


Autonomous Vehicle Routing

Civil Maps AV Routing SDK powers the advanced navigational needs of autonomous vehicles, including sidewalk robots. Routing capabilities can be optimized to your business needs.

Our Team

We are a globally distributed team headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Luxembourg, China, and India.

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