The Civil Maps Story

Civil Map’s self-driving technology story actually begins with old-fashioned trains. We developed our edge-based (in-car, near the source of the sensor data), lightweight approach to mapping and localization based on experiences from working in the railroad industry, which was challenged by its heavy dependence on very large geospatial datasets that were used in efforts to make train travel safer. From this expertise, we have been architecting our system with a strong focus on scalability and a commitment to improving the passenger experience. Collaborating with great talent from all over the world, we are solving some mission-critical safety and operational hurdles involved in bringing fully autonomous vehicles to market.

With offices in San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Asia, our team works on a powerful suite of technologies designed to enable vehicular Cognition for Cars; our platform empowers self-driving cars to replicate the human cognition used in the tasks of navigation and driving.

Sravan Puttagunta
Scott Harvey
Senior Researcher
Anuj Gupta
PM, Sensor Fusion

Stefan Safko
VP Ops & Finance
Alexa Lee
Director of Marketing
Venkata Kolla
Director of Engineering
Nagesh Gupta
VP Engineering
Paul Drysch
VP Sales & Business Dev
James Dawson
M.D. Customer Solutions
Vijay Viswanathan
VP Product


Tobias Kinnebrew
O, inc.
Michael Ebstyne
Jim Disanto
Motus Ventures
Jeff Chung
AME Cloud Ventures